Udruženje mikrokreditnih organizacija u Bosni i Hercegovini
Association of Microfinance Institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Zagrebačka 50/IV

71000 Sarajevo, BiH


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The Assembly represents the highest authority of Association of Microfinance Institutions in BiH (AMFI). It consists of two representatives from each microfinance institution, member of the Association. AMFI’s management takes part in annual meetings. Each microfinance institution has equal representation and voting right. Meetings are held ad hoc if needed, but at least once every year.

The Assembly adopts all documents of AMFI and financial reports in line with the Statute. The Assembly approves the strategic business plans and elects and appoints members of AMFI’s Board of Directors.

President of the AMFI’s Assembly is Belma Halimic Terzic, Financial Director of MCO Mikra.

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