Udruženje mikrokreditnih organizacija u Bosni i Hercegovini
Association of Microfinance Institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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The Microcredit Organizations developed in BiH in the post-war period as a part of the programs implemented in the area with the aim to generate employment opportunities and revival of economy through provision of micro-credits.

In that context, the Local Initiatives Project I (LIP I), financed by the World Bank and a certain number of donor countries, was designed and implemented in the beginning of 1996. The Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina implemented the LIP I through Local Initiatives Departments within the Foundations for Employment and Training in the Federation BiH and in the Republika Srpska.

The Second Local Initiatives Project (LIP II) was launched in March 2002. UNHCR and other international institutions, such as ICMC, CARE, World Vision, CRS Women for Women International and others, also participated in the implementation of the microfinance project in BiH.

The need of the organizations for joint actions and institutional development of the sector grew simultaneously with the development of the mission and expansion of microfinance organizations; hence in January 2000 a certain number of the organizations established the Association which today has 12 members – Microcredit Organizations which are covering 98% of the market in the country.

The Association operated as a project for the first two years and in 2003 with the enactment of the Law on Associations and Foundations it was registered as the Association of Microfinance Institutions in BiH.

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