Udruženje mikrokreditnih organizacija u Bosni i Hercegovini
Association of Microfinance Institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Zagrebačka 50/IV

71000 Sarajevo, BiH


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The Mission

The Mission of AMFI Association mission of AMFI is to alleviate poverty and unemployment through stimulation and sustaining an enhanced private sector development in BiH by facilitating capacity building of its members thus enhancing the ability of the MFIs, including their management and staff, to cope with the challenges of the sector and to continue to initiate and sustain the economic development of their clients.

In addition it is the mission of AMFI to participate actively in the national and regional microfinance industry and to promote the active role of its member MFIs in the economic development of BiH and Southeast Europe with the aim to alleviate poverty.

AMFI’s Vision

It is AMFI’s Vision to establish a strong and recognized network of Microfinance Institutions in BiH providing learning among members, utilizing synergy between its members, promote professionalism and transparency in the industry in BiH and the Southeast Europe and to represent the common interests of its member MFIs in dealing with other stakeholders.

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