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Save the date for the 2019 MFC Annual Conference: 29–31 May in Istanbul, Turkey

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The MFC Annual Conference 2019  will be held from 29–31 May 2019 in Istanbul, Turkey.

The Microfinance Centre’s Annual Conference is always one of the most significant regional events in the financial inclusion sector. As usual, MFC is putting together an impressive line-up of speakers, and designing an agenda that will help you network with your peers, share your experiences, learn about the latest trends and discuss best practice in financial inclusion.

Stay tuned for more news on the conference theme and workshops!

Read the report from the last MFC-EMN Annual Conference.

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About Microfinance Centre (MFC)


The Microfinance Centre is a regional microfinance resource centre and network based in Poland. We unite 110 organizations (including 77 microfinance institutions) across 36 countries of Europe, Central Asia and beyond, who together deliver responsible microfinance services to over 1,000,000 low-income clients. Our mission is to empower people and communities through alternative social finance including microfinance. We seek to make the financial services work for all people and communities, especially underserved and excluded, by building on the potential and achievements of the social finance sector: microfinance, financial cooperative systems and others, inspiring new partnerships with technology providers to improve products, outreach and scale and to charter innovative ways of accessing and using finance.

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