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Sarajevo, 26.02.2013. – Association of Microfinance Institutions in BiH (AMFI) announces with pride another big achievement of one of its members, Microcredit foundation MI BOSPO from Tuzla, which fulfilled all conditions to receive prestigious Certificate on client protection, part of global project “Smart Campaign,“ with aim to implement principles of client protection in international microfinance industry. “Added value that MI BOSPO gives to its clients was awarded earlier with our successful business dealings.  This certificate is confirmation that MI BOSPO follows its conviction that client’s satisfaction is at the first place for 16 years now. We learn and we develop together with our clients and the greatest reward is awareness that we respect our own principles in business dealings,” stated MI BOSPO Director, Nejra Nalić, and added that this certificate represents additional confirmation that MI BOSPO is on the right path to continuously strengthen trust of its clients in the services they provide with pride and under slogan “It it’s only a loan, it’s not MI BOSPO!”.

Certification process was very detailed and led with support of the International Finance Corporation (IFC), member of the World Bank group.

“Previous year was in sign of microfinance sector recovery in BiH and we from the Association of Microfinance Institutions are proud that already at the beginning of the 2013 we have concrete confirmation for another member that clients are put at the first place, along with fulfilling highest international professional standards,” said  AMFI Secretary General.

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