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Đuro Sarvaš

A small town Orasje lies on the Sava River. It is a quiet place not different than other border towns. But there is a slight difference. An ordinary man, and yet so different, Ðuro Sarvaš lives at the entrance to the town. Born in a humble working class family used to live and work exclusively from his work. From an early age he helped his father and mother at work at a nearby brick factory. Little by little, he learned the craft of brick and a few years ago he began with the help of EKI loan to work on his own with the production of concrete products.


He did not even have a workshop – he worked under the sky. Constantly, he says, he prayed to God to stop rain fall. He was afraid, since products he was making were not introduced on the market. In his head thoughts were focused on returning loans. He was afraid if he doesn’t manage to sell what he makes. He made items out of plaster and concrete, a variety of forms. It is possible to find decorative miniature animals, pot flowers, figures of various shapes … Beginners’ problems and not so big profit gave him the strength and desire to continue. He could sell what he made, which was his goal. He says: “One must do something, and I’m the best in this. Even if the business goes worse than expected – I will go on! His workshop is made of nylon, which looks like a greenhouse with vegetables in it…

In order to improve sales and expand product line, again with the help of EKI loans, he managed to make profit double. Then came time to think about the house he lives in, which is damaged by war and ready for repairs and reconstruction. As his wife and children assisted him, they decided to build a house where the workshop will be placed. Again, with the help of EKI loan, he managed to build a house and above all, workshop with equipment. Now with better equipment and working conditions – work never stops. In this way, Ðuro is able to provide himself and his family a modest but decent existence as one deserves.

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