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Online conference – „New Age for Microfinance Institutions in BiH“will be held on 18.11.2021


Dear All,  

The Association of Microfinance Institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina (AMFI) is organizing an online conference titled „New Age for the Microfinance Institutions in BiH“. This will include four panel discussions dealing with current topics related to the microfinance sector in BiH. Special emphasis here will be placed on client protection, boosting development of small businesses in BiH in line with the best EU practices, digital transformation and eco inclusion. 

 The online conference will be held on Thursday, November 18th 2021 at 10:00 AM

After the opening remarks by Ms. Elma Zukić, President of the Association of Microfinance Institutions in BiH (AMFI), and Ms. Mejra Juzbašić Bajgorić, Regional Director of “Finance in Motion“ – EFSE, what follows is the first panel titled “More than micro lending: client protection, non-financial services and socially responsible financing as the basis for success of the microfinance sector”. The panel leader is Ms. Elma Čardaklija Bašić, Director of MCF Lok, while panel participants are Ms. Ernadina Bajrović, B.Sc., Vice Governor of the Central Bank of BiH, Ms. Vanja Cico, Investment Manager at “Finance in Motion” – EFSE, Ms. Katarzyna Pawlak, Executive Director of Microfinance Centre – MFC and Ms. Caroline Lentz, Deputy General Manager of the European Microfinance Network – EMN.

The second panel is titled “Boosting Development of Small Businesses in BiH through EU best practices”. The panel leader is Mr. Džavid Sejfović, Director of MCF Lider and Vice President of the Association of Microfinance Institutions in BiH (AMFI). Panel participants are: Elvir Ćatović, Head of the Non-Deposit Sector in the FBiH Banking Agency, Ms. Snježana Rudić, Assistant Minister at the RS Finance Ministry, Mr. Sead Džiho, Assistant Minister for Entrepreneurship and Mr. Izedin Kurtović, Assistant Minister for Crafts at the FBiH Ministry of Development, Entrepreneurship and Crafts, prof. Adisa Omerbegović Arapović (Ph.D. Econ.), Ms. Mirzet Ribić, Expert for microfinance, banking, consulting and management, and Nicola Benaglio, Senior Research Officer at the European Microfinance Network (EMN). 

Topic of the third panel is “Strategic Approach – MCO Response to Digital (R)evolution”. The panel leader is Ms. Radmila Bjeljac, Executive Director of MCC Mikrofin and member of the Commission for Information Technology, Digitalization and Cybersecurity of the Association of Microfinance Institutions in B&H (AMFI), while panel participants are: Mr. Nedim Hamzić, Secretary General of AmCham BiH, Mr. Aleksandar Mastilović, IT consultant and digital transformation expert, Mr. Enes Haračić, Director of Results Consulting and Mr. Edvin Škaljo, Prof. PhD at the University of Sarajevo and President of the EAT Section.                          

The fourth panel bears the title “Eco Inclusion”. In addition to the panel leader Mr. Senad Sinanović, Director of MCF Partner, this quite interesting topic of a need for an energy transition towards renewable energy sources will also be covered by the following panel participants: Mr. Mirza Kušljugić, Prof. Ph.D. at ReSET Center for Sustainable Energy Transition, Mr. Elvis Hadžikadić, EE expert/consultant and Director of Plus Minus,  Ms. Amra Omeragić, Senior Investment Officer at “Finance in Motion” – GGF, Mr. Tamir Mostarac, Assistant Director and Senior Banker in EBRD and Ms. Dželila Huremović, Deputy Director of KfW. 

The Conference will end with conclusions to serve as basis for further activities of the Association of Microfinance Institutions in BiH (AMFI) aimed at improving the microfinance sector in BiH

The Invitation is accompanied with a detailed conference agenda. We kindly ask you to confirm your attendance by e-mail (info@amfi.ba) or by phone (+387 61 144 531).

To register for the Conference, please follow the link below:


Thank you for your cooperation and coverage.

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