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PANEL 4 – Eco-inclusion


Panel 4 titled Eco-inclusion focuses on Experiences and plans of creditors in financing the microcredit sector in the segment of support to its clients. 

Given the condition of our planet, pollution and climate change, surely there must be a higher level of awareness of the need to use renewable energy sources. During this panel discussion we will try to at least partly respond to questions such as: How can we achieve this? What are the obstacles? What is our goal?

The Panel 4 leader is Mr. Senad Sinanović, Director of MCF Partner. The eco-inclusion topic will also be discussed by our panelists: prof. Mirza Kušljugić, Ph.D., with the ReSET Centre for Sustainable Energy Transition, Mr. Elvis Hadžikadić, EE expert/consultant and Director of Plus Minus d.o.o. Sarajevo, Ms. Amra Omeragić, Senior Investment Officer at „Finance in Motion – GGF“, Mr. Tamir Mostarac, Assistant Director, senior banker at EBRD and Ms. Dželila Huremović, Deputy Director of KfW.                          

Mr. Senad Sinanović is the Director of MCF Partner for already 20 years. He has 24 years of experience in different positions in the microfinance segment. Mr. Sinanović was a member of managment and supervisory boards in microfinance institutions in Kosovo and Kazahstan and a chairman of the Audit and Risk Commissions. He is one of the founders and member of the Management Board of the Centre for Financial Education in BiH.     

Prof. Mirza Kušljugić, Ph.D., is a full-time professor at the Electrical Engineering Faculty of the University of Tuzla. He worked as a research officer at the Science and Technology Institute of the University of Manchester – UMIST, UK in 1983/1984. His research work focused on modelling, analysing and planning electrical power systems, technology of renewable energy sources, energy efficiency and management thus focusing on small and medium industrial companies and economy of the electrical power systems. He is the author of five science books, more than 50 science research papers and over 30 specialized technical studies and policy analysis. 

Mr. Elvis Hadžikadić is a mechanical engineer with 15 years of knowledge and experience in the segments of energy, renewable energy sources, energy efficiency and management, environment, air quality and climate changes. Presently, he is the director and consultant with Plus Minus d.o.o. Sarajevo. His previous experience includes working as the manager of the Green Economic Development project in the Energy and Environment Division of UNDP in BiH, consultant for the World Bank, UNDP, EBRD, UNECE and leading consulting and engineering companies in BiH.   

Ms. Amra Omeragić is a senior research officer at “Finance in Motion”, one of the leading global investment funds focusing on the impact and development financing. For 11 years already, she has been working on managing the investment portfolio of the European Fund for Southeast Europe (EFSE) and the Green for Growth Fund (GGF), as well as on managing technical assistance projects of these funds in our region. She has more than 20 years of work experience in finance, banking, microlending and green financing in the Southeast Europe.   

Mr. Tamir Mostarac is a senior banker at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) – Sarajevo Office and is engaged as an investment banker in the private sector, primarily the financial sector in BiH (since 2007). He has more than 15 years of experience in the banking and financial sectors.  Recently, he became a member of the Management Board of Društva za upravljanje Evropskim dobrovoljnim penzijskim fondom a.d. Banja Luka (company for managing European voluntary pension fund).

Ms. Dželila Huremović has extensive 17-year experience in the financial sector. She started working for KfW in 2009 as a project coordinator for the financial sector and, later on, became the deputy director in KfW, BiH Office. Her field of expertise is financial sector development, designing and implementing credit programs for MMSP, thus also including projects in the energy efficiency segment. Ms. Huremović took part in due diligence missions, capital investments, portfolio and program reviews in many countries. 

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