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PANEL 3 – Strategic Approach – MCO Response to Digital (R)evolution


Panel 3 focuses on the Strategic Approach – MCO Response to Digital (R)evolution. 

The digital transformation strategy primarily considers objectives of institutional actions and factors of corporate culture in an organization, HR structure, processes, products, customer acceptance in the “new normal” and other preconditions in our environment. 

The Panel 3 leader is Ms. Radmila Bjeljac, Executive Director of MCC Mikrofin and member of the Commission for Information Technologies, Digitalization and Cyber Security with the Association of Microfinance Institutions in BiH (AMFI). 

This very interesting topic of digital transformation of MCOs will also be discussed by the following panel participants: Mr. Nedim Hamzić, Secretary General of AmCham BiH, Mr. Aleksandar Mastilović, IT consultant and digital transformation expert, Mr. Enes Haračić, Director of Results Consulting d.o.o., Sarajevo and Mr. Edvin Škaljo, prof. Ph.D. at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics of the University of Sarajevo and president of the EAT Section.                          

Ms. Radmila Bjeljac has extensive experience in microfinance management. Her carrier includes MCC Mikrofin where she was a member of top management and worked on other managerial positions, thus obtaining thorough knowledge of the finance management. Presently, she holds a function of the executive director of MCC Mikrofin with special competence over the digital transformation segment. 

Mr. Nedim Hamzić is the Secretary General of the AmCham BiH since July 2020. In managing this organization, he spends most of his time with more than 100 AmCham members in BiH, addressing initiatives towards different stakeholders and advocating changes, thus focusing on the main objective of AmCham in BiH – creating more favorable business environment in BiH.  

Mr. Aleksandar Mastilović is a recognized international expert in the telecommunications field, thus holding experience in the segments of technologies, academics and government sector. Presently, he is an independent consultant-expert for digital transformation, smart cities and public sector digitalization and is engaged as an external associate of international organizations such as UNDP, ITU, etc. 

Mr. Enes Haračić, as a Director of Results Consulting, cooperates with global leading solution and service providers in the segment of cyber security, information security and digitalization. Through its membership in the multi-sector group “Neretva” that deals with cyber security, he actively participated in defining Guidelines for the Strategic Framework of Cyber Security in BiH, especially in the segment of public-private partnerships.

Edvin Škaljo, Ph.D., has spent more than 20 years in the telecommunications segment. He worked on different managing positions to introduce new technologies and services. Presently, he is engaged as a specialist in BH Telecom and as an associate professor at the University of Sarajevo. Dr. Škaljo is also an associate editor in the international magazine “Fiber and Integrated Optics” (Taylor&Francis). He is also a chairman of the Section of Engineers of Electronics, Automation and Telecommunications (EAT) in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

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