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Registration for the MFC Annual Conference 2019 is open

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Registration for the MFC Annual Conference 2019 is open

The MFC Annual Conference 2019  will be the perfect opportunity for financial inclusion professionals to network, exchange experiences, learn from an impressive line-up of guests and even lay the groundwork for successful partnerships going forward. Upwards of 500 participants are expected to attend the conference this year from East and West Europe, Central Asia, the Caucasus and even further afield.

Dates: May 29–31, 2019

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Conference website: mfc2019.org

This year, 22nd MFC conference theme will be “Demystifying Digital in Microfinance”. The event will tackle the practical side of digitalization in the financial inclusion sector through case studies, trend analysis and discussion of emerging best practice. At this year’s conference you could expect:

Early Birds benefit from 25% discount on the conference fee. Don’t miss your chance to grab your discount tickets! Register for the conference: mfc2019.org

The Microfinance Centre is a social finance network that promotes fairness, inclusion, equality and responsible service. MFC unites 113 organisations (including 77 microfinance institustions) across 36 countries of Europe, Central Asia and beyond, who together deliver responsible microfinance services to over 1,000,000 low-income clients. MFC’s mission is to empower individuals and sustain communities through innovative social finance and microfinance. MFC’s vision is a financial system that works for all people and all communities in a responsible and fair way.

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