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Association of Microfinance Institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Admir is Partner’s client and he has been using microcredit since 2005. As a family they are Partner clients who gradually purchased cows with the help of microcredits. Now the own a farm of 16 cows.

The cows are located in smaller barns, with a feeding corridor, automatic water systems, and the milking is performed automatically.

Butkovići owns 5 hectares of their own land that they process and sow corn and prepare their own silage, used in the feeding of cows.

With its own food production, this family makes significant savings.

The Butković family delivers 8,000 liters of milk a month, which offers them a good buy-out price.

With their dedication and constant education, they succeeded in producing an extra class of milk, thus achieving a higher purchase price per liter of milk, and regularly collect incentives. This is prime example of household of this kind.

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