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Fehima Bradić, Novi Travnik


Bradic Fehima lives in the household with her husband Semir in Novi Travnik. In the absence of a job, Ms. Fehima decided to start production of traditional home-made pasta, as well as the production of domestic cookies.

She makes and sells homemade dried pasta, as well as soup noodles and dry cakes with prolonged shelf time. She distributes her products to the market, and in some smaller shops located in the vicinity.

Realizing that popularity of her product, Ms. Fehima decided to produce plum jam, and also to start with the domestic production “ajvar”. Brave and positive Mrs. Fehima, came to LIDER first time in 2014, when she needed funds to start a business.

Since 2014 until now, Ms. Fehima is a member of LIDER’s family. For LIDER, she has only words of praise: “You came out to me when I needed resources the most, and helped me to get my idea going and to start my own business. In addition you have very kind, polite, and interacting staff.”

Check out these quality home made products at the town’s market in Novi Travnik on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

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